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Puerto Rico
The Art in English


Los hechos básicos
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Ahora en Puerto Rico/Now in Puerto Rico...
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Art has been a big part of Puerto Rico and many of the islanders try to express themselves through art. The Puerto Rican art has had many influences such as the Tainos to other artists in other countries.

The Museum of Art in Ponce

La Virgen del Carmen, Jose Campeche

One of the first important artists was Jose Campeche. He was born in San Juan on January 6th, 1751, son of Tomas Campeche and Maria Jordan. He was influenced by a Spanish paintor and much of his work is religious. Other of his works include "Don Miguel Antonio de Ustáriz", "Nuestra Señora de la Merced", "Sacra Conversación", "San José y el Niño", "La Dama A Caballo" and "La Anunciación."

El Nuestro Pan de Cada Dia, Ramon Frade

Ramón Frade (1875-1954) studied in the American School of Correspondence and also in Italy and Haiti for a time. He focused the majority of his workds on poor workers and the lower class. He tried to express the dificulty of supporting a family during times of poverty and unemployment.

El Velorio, 1893, Francisco Oller y Cestero

Francisco Oller Y Cestero, born in 1833, was a prominant Puerto Rican paintor. He was greatly influenced by European art epecially by the work of Paul Cezanne (a French paintor) and Pablo Picasso (a Spanish paintor). Oller became the first Latin American artist to adapt to impressionistic art using light, color and incorporating the tropical skies of Puerto Rico.


La Promesa, Miguel Pou
He painted many peasents. (

La Dama

El Velorio Antonio Martorell

Vita Cola, Rafael Tufiño

Mangle , Myrna Báez,

El Nido, Augusto Marín