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Puerto Rico
Famous Puerto Ricans in English


Los hechos básicos
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La Gente
El Aspecto Político
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Ahora en Puerto Rico/Now in Puerto Rico...
La bibliografía

There are many Puerto Ricans that have made significant contributions, not only to Puerto Rico but also to many other places in the world, including actress Rita Moreno and singer Ricky Martin.

Pedro Albizu Campos

Pedro Albizu Campos (1891-1965) an "independiste puertorriqueño." Attended Harvard and was the director of the "Nationalist Party" He was imprisoned after he tried to get rid of the United States presence in Puerto Rico and he is very important to Puerto Rican patriotism and the independist movement.

José Celoso Barbosa (1857-1921) He is known as the father of the Puerto Rican state. After the war between Spain and the United States, Barbosa created the Republican Party of Puerto Rico. He also created the newspaper "El Tiempo" and was a talented doctor.

Roberto Clemente

José Campeche (1752-1809) He is known as a wonderful artist and he has created more than 400 paintings.


Roberto Clemente (1934-1972) An excellent and well-known baseball player. He won four Naitonal League titles. He died in a plane crash but was elected for the Hall of Fame in 1973.  


José de Diego (1866-1921) Although he was a well-known orator and poet, he was also a big part in the independist movement of Puerto Rico. He worked with Luis Rivera and created the Unionist Party. 


Mayra Santos Febres (1966-) A literature profesor and a famous writer. Her most well-known work is "Sirena Selena"

Jose Feliciano

José Feliciano (1945-) A blind guitarrist and reknowned for his virtuosi music. He has won six Grammy's.


Fernando Garcia (1929-1952) The first Puerto Rican to be given a medal of honor in the American army. 


Jennifer Lopez (1970-) The most paid Latina singer and actress in Hollywood.


Rita Moreno (1931-) UAn notable actress with her most well-known work being "West Side Story"She was the first woman to win a Grammy, an Oscar, an Emmy, and a Tony. 

Rita Moreno

Others: Ricky Martin, Franky Muniz (half), Freddie Prinze Junior, Roberto Alomar, Tito Puente, Charlie Masso, Xavier Serbia, Jorge Castro, Irene Cara, Bernie Williams, José Gautier Benitez, René Marquéz, Roberto Ramos Peres, Luis Francisco Oller, John Ruiz, Ivan Calderon, Ada Velez.

Puerto Rico