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Puerto Rico
Religion in English


Los hechos básicos
La Historia/The History
La Gente
El Aspecto Político
La Cultura
Las Fotografías
Ahora en Puerto Rico/Now in Puerto Rico...
La bibliografía

The Puerto Rican religion has been influenced by many groups, especially by the Africans and Tainos. And although there are many different faiths, the majority of the people are Catholic.

 The African Faith
The African Spirit Chango  (
The East Africans believed that nature was made of spirits and the spirit of fire was named Chango. Many Puerto Ricans have statues in their houses and alters where they offer him gifts. There is also the belief in miricle workers and people who could cause miricles by prayer and this beilief was also an important part of the African Faith.
The Catholic Faith
The Spanish brought Catholicism to Puerto Rico and now it is the main religion of the island. Many Puerto Ricans have statues and paintings of saints in their homes. Puerto Rico has many convents, monestaries and many relics and places where the Virgin Mary has appeared. This Catholicism is also a mix of the African and Taino beliefs.
Other Faiths
In the 18th century some Puerto Ricans began to follow other denominations of Christianity. There are alos religious movements that do not follow traditional religious beliefs. One of these groups is called MITA. One woman named Mita started this group because she wanted to help the poor in the country. MITA has church services and also gives food and clothes to the poor.
A church in Ponce (

Los Hechos Básicos/Basic Facts