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Puerto Rico
Basic Facts in English


Los hechos básicos
La Historia/The History
La Gente
El Aspecto Político
La Cultura
Las Fotografías
Ahora en Puerto Rico/Now in Puerto Rico...
La bibliografía
This page is about the basic facts of Puerto Rico, such as the geography, the wildlife, the different cities, the land and other important things about the island.

A Map of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is aproximately three times the size of Rhode Island. The capital is San Juan with other major cities such as Ponce, Caguas, Mayagüez, Bayamón, Carolina, and San Germán.

The Puerto Rican Flag


The Basic Facts


The Capital: San Juan 


The Language: Spanish is Puerto Rico's first language and English is the island's second language


The Religion: More than 85% of the population are Catholic


The Flower of Puerto Rico: La Maga
The Climate: Generally the climate ranges from 65F-85F every day.
The Government: "El Estado Asociado Libre"
Puerto Ricans have almost all the same rights as American citizens but they cannot vote in presidental elections. There is division in Puerto Rico concerning whether Puerto Rico should be independent or become a state of the U.S.
The Flag: The flag was first used on December 22, 1895. The white star symbolizes the Republic of Puerto Rico. The three red stripes symbolize the blood many have sacrificed for the government. The two white stripes symbolize the rights and liberty of every individual.
The Puerto Rican Song: La Borinqueña by Felix Astol and Artes
La tierra de Borinquén                  The land of Borinquen
donde he nacido yo,                    
where I have been born.
es un jardín florido                        It is a florid garden
de mágico fulgor.                          of magical brilliance

Un cielo siempre nítido                  A sky always clean
le sirve de dosel                            serves as a canopy.
y dan arrullos plácidos                  
And placid lullabies are given
las olas a sus pies.                        by the waves at her feet

Cuando a sus playas llegó Colón;   When at her beaches Colombus arrived
Exclamó lleno de admiración;          
he exclaimed full of admiration:
"Oh!, oh!, oh!, esta es la linda        
Oh! Oh! Oh! This is the beautiful
tierra que busco yo".                        land that I seek

Es Borinquén la hija,                  It is Borinquen the daughter,
la hija del mar y el sol,               
the daughter of the sea and the sun.
del mar y el sol,                         of the sea and the sun,
del mar y el sol,                         of the sea and the sun,
del mar y el sol,                         of the sea and the sun,
del mar y el sol.                         of the sea and the sun,


The Geography: Puerto Rico has a lot of geographic diversity. There are plains, rivers, beaches, forests and valleys. There are also many mountains , including the mountain range  "La Cordillera Central" (Pictured here ) The highest point is called Cerro Punto.

The famous frog of Puerto Rico
Coquí (

The Coquí
In this land there are many different types of wildlife such as the Puerto Rican snake, large lizards and many endangered turtles, but the most famous animal of Puerto Rico is a type of frog called a "coqí" The coquí
received its name through its song. When people listen to the coqí, they hear "co......kee". This frog is uniqe to Puerto Rico and now some parts of Hawaii.
Here is a Puerto Rican song about the coqui
El coqui, el coqui a mi me encanto,
Es tan lindo el cantar del coqui,
Por las noches al ir a acostarme
Me adormece cantando asi:

Coqui! Coqui! Coqui-qui-qui-qui!
Coqui! Coqui! Coqui-qui-qui-qui!

El coqui sings a lullaby softly,
I can hear el coqui all night long:
Though I fall fast asleep when its bedtime,
In my dreams comes his sweet little song.

Coqui! Coqui! Coqui-qui-qui-qui!
Coqui! Coqui! Coqui-qui-qui-qui!

Puerto Rico