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Puerto Rico
The Music in English


Los hechos básicos
La Historia/The History
La Gente
El Aspecto Político
La Cultura
Las Fotografías
Ahora en Puerto Rico/Now in Puerto Rico...
La bibliografía

One of the most important Puerto Rican cultural contributions is the music. The most predominantly heard in the United States is probably a type of Carribean Music. Almost every style of music has a dance as well. Some of the most famous dances are the Salsa and the Bomba.

The Different Styles
Decimas- This is probably an early manifestation  of a mix of African Rhythm and European Melodies.

Quinto Centenario, A Decima

Danza-This is a combination of a waltz with a little African Rhythm. This form of music was a popular formal form of dance in Spain.

"Asi, Eres Tu" Una Danza

A Dance to a Bolero

The Bolero-is similar to a balad but it is full of the romanticism and latin rhythm.

"Preciosa" a Bolero

The Bomba

The Bomba-A dance with a strong African rhythm. The drums are called "subidors". The subidors and the dancer appear to have a dialoge with each other as the dancer moves to whatever beat the drummer decides. The song continues as long as the dancer can continue.

The Plena

The Plena-A dance with Taino origens. Many of the unique Taino instruments are used in this type of music. Their origens can be traced to Puerto Rican society during the transfer of the Spanish rule to the United States. It can be also traced to the abolition of slavery that caused many displaced workers to look for economical opportunities in the island's cities. Many of the lyrics are stories and histories of the people.

The Salsa

The Salsa-Although this is a relatively new type of music, it is one of the most famous types that includes a very distinctive dance. Salsa music has made Puerto Rican music well-knwon and one of the most famous Salsa musicians was Tito Puente.

Puerto Rico